A/2017 U1 Interstellar Rock Glides Through Our Solar System

A/2017 U1 Rock - Strange Visitor to Earth's Solar System

a/2017 u1 rock was ice and rock from another solar system

The A/2017 U1, the name for the rock that visited Earth's solar system, traveling at 98,000 miles per hour (that's 27 miles per second!), so far that it was not subject to the Sun's gravitational pull. A/2017 U1 came through from interstellar space, the first rock of its kind that scientists have observed (prior to that it was only dust from outside our solar system that has appears). This alien rock was made of rock and ice. Scientists first thought A/2017 U1 was a coment, however without the gas to make that true, it is for now an icy rock.

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