Drone Pilot Training & License

How To Become a Professional Drone Pilot 

 Get Trained and Pass The License Test

If you're interested in getting a job as a drone pilot, or even making money as a uav drone pilot, then it is essential to get trained, and get a FAA license. Even if you upload your drone video to youtube and make adsense revenue, that counts as making money with your drone, and you would need a license for that too. 

Here's a great video to watch to start - 

How to Get Your FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot Certification

This guys essentially recommends getting your training from https://remotepilot101.com, which helps drone pilots pass the FAA Part 107 UAS knowledge test. The cost of that course is $149 (normally $299.99) and you get a certificate. Then you would need to take the test to get your license. 

Now, the next logical question is where do I take the faa part 107 test? The Federal Aviation Agency has a page on its site for this, here

A list of knowledge centers are  here via the FAA website pdf: 

Then you've got to register for the FAA drone pilot certification, here

It doesn't look like you need to take the training from a third-party, but it seems to be helpful. Please comment to correct or add to this. 


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