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Drone Pilot Training & License

How To Become a Professional Drone Pilot   Get Trained and Pass The License Test
If you're interested in getting a job as a drone pilot, or even making money as a uav drone pilot, then it is essential to get trained, and get a FAA license. Even if you upload your drone video to youtube and make adsense revenue, that counts as making money with your drone, and you would need a license for that too. 
Here's a great video to watch to start - 
How to Get Your FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot Certification

This guys essentially recommends getting your training from, which helps drone pilots pass the FAA Part 107 UAS knowledge test. The cost of that course is $149 (normally $299.99) and you get a certificate. Then you would need to take the test to get your license. 
Now, the next logical question is where do I take the faa part 107 test? The Federal Aviation Agency has a page on its site for this, here
A list of knowledge centers are  here via the F…

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